Lexie Luan

Legend has it that Lexie was born in the back of a tour bus, while her mother rushed through labor so she could sing back up for Elvis . By the age of 10, Lexie mastered the piano, guitar, tenor sax, flute, kazoo, and the Native American war drum. As a teen, Lexie was tutored and studied hard on the tour buses, and was able to take her GED & acquire a degree in music, theater, and the fine arts at the age of 16. At 17 she was asked to play lead guitar when Keith Richards didn’t show up for a concert in Stockholm. She played so well, that she was asked by the king of Sweden to play solo the following day at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. When President Jimmy Carter heard about this performance, he asked her to do an encore performance at the White House the following week…

The truth is… Lexie is a singer/songwriter who is jamming on second life.

Lexie is a Philly native working as a solo artist performing her original music. Her soulful style of singing lends her female energy to every song she sing that will have you feeling her right down to the core of your being. She is empowering bringing her straight from the heart originals to you with a style that has been described as stunning and very much her own. Truly an experience not to be missed.!

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