Ren Enberg

Ren Enberg (previously known as Freestar) is a quirky, irreverent, and engaging personality who’s singing/songwriting style is bluesy, sassy, and smooth, with a rich and dynamic emotional range. She enjoys long walks on the beach, Netflix binges, and singing for the citizens of SL.

Few genres are off-limits as long as she can infuse it with her own brand of soul, romance, and humor. Ren and her amazing partner Quai Franklin are also available as a duo with vocal and instrumental perfection combined in ways that will make your soul beg for more !

Contact Ren Enberg (freestar.tammas) directly for any booking inquiries

1 Hour Public Show – Solo : 3000 L$
1 Hour Public Homestead – Solo : 4000 L$
1 Hour Public Show – Duo : 5000 L$
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