Sassy Nitely is a musician from Nashville, TN whose charisma, musical prowess and showmanship has captivated the hearts of SL music lovers since 2008.

Not only is Sassy an award winning musician in-world, she also performs around the middle Tennessee area with her party duo band, New Binge. Sassy’s band “My July” had a remarkable era prior to New Binge; however, in November 2020 the band could no longer endure the hardships live music venues faced during the pandemic. New Binge was created out of an unfortunate situation; however, has been a highlight of Sassy’s music career.

Regardless if you’ve seen Sassy in SL or RL, she never disappoints her audience and delivers a polished; unforgettable performance filled with witty banter, refreshing acoustic covers, and soulful original music.

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1 Hour Public Show – Full Sim :5000 L$
1 Hour Public Show – Recurring ( 4 show min ) : 4000L$
1 Hour Public Show – Homestead :6000 L$
1 Hour Private Show :10000 L$
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