Savannah Rain

Growing up in church and a small town where music was everything, Savannah began a deep love of all kinds of music. She spent her teenage years traveling all over the southeast singing at churches, bars, weddings, parties, and the occasional funeral. She entered college at the age of 17 and minored in music with a vocal scholarship. Though Savannah studied the classics that is not where she found her voice. 

The first time I sang for a crowd I was 6 years old on a coffee table shaking my pelvis like Elvis to Jailhouse Rock. I was hooked to the sound of laughter and applause; that’s when I learned MUSIC makes people happy! I was 13 when I sang my first solo at church and saw tears of emotion overcome flushed faces; that’s when I learned MUSIC makes people feel!

After discovering live music in Second Life three years ago, I was hooked and it has been my passion through my music to make you laugh, make you feel and bring us all together!

I love and sing all kinds of music from Patsy Cline to Collective Soul

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Savannah Rain ( boldmiss resident)

1 Hour Public Show – Single Show5000 L$
1 Hour Public Show – Multiple Shows4000 L$
1 Hour Private Show7000 L$
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