Zorch Songlist

1:16 AM
Accident of Fate
Am I Dreaming
Andy Warhol Chic
Candy Cane
Close Your Eyes
Cynical Bastard
Da Troof
Dance Little Darlin’
Dance On the Edge of A Sword
Dance With Me
Dream of Kellswater
Everything You Know
Falling From Grace
Find Myself In Sleep
Glory In Life
Great Devide
Heart Full of Love
Hellhounds On My Trail
Hide Your Tears
Hold Back the Wind
Hookers Don’t Care
Howard Roark and Me
I Don’t Miss You
If I Had A Song
If I Was Over You
I’m In Love With Jennifer Wells
I Wasn’t Missing You At All
Johnny Boy
Knave of Hearts
Lament of Ashes
Looking For the Cure
Love Songs Hate Songs
Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know
Marital Bliss
Mo Anam Cara
My Own Evil Twin
Only Love Remains
Pay No Attention
Pop Song One Million
Real Love
Rock Is Dead (Don’t Eat the Corpse)
Rubber Sky
Running In Circles
Short Song About Hell and Heaven
Snake Charm Dance
So Into You
Starting Over
Stone Cold Believer
Stoopid Rock Song (Down To A Science Now)
Sweet Taste of Home
The Conversation Wasn’t Over
The Cowboy Song (Ride ’til I Die)
The Father of Fathers Before Me
The Harper Dongal
The Hell In My Hello
The Hero, the Fool, the King and the Poet
The Lawyer Song
The Lie
The Mourning Song (Into the Darkness)
The Passion of Me
The Path
The Pipes of Redemption
The Plan
The Story Unwinds In the End
The Stubborn Old Man
The WageSlave Boogie
The Way You Love
The Yelling Man
This Is the Place
Tiny Town
Turn To Dust
Twisted Love Song
Uncle Dan
Until the End of Time
Walk Around the World
Walls of Love
Wanting U Is EZ
Wastin’ Time
We All Fall Down
Wings of Love
You Talk A Lot of Shit For A One-Eyed Fat Man